We started on Wednesday by hosting a board game party at our office. We gathered to share a good time with colleagues and friends from other close companies. The night was filled with laughs, cocktails, ice cream, snacks, and lots of winners. 

sTARTUp Day was an exciting two-day event filled with talks, seminars, and networking opportunities. We connected with different entrepreneurs, investors, and customers, gaining valuable insights and making great connections. It was a huge success, and here we want to share this year’s recap:

🤝 We were glad to see familiar faces and feel the support between each other (Avokaado, Qminder, Cybernetica). We also got to know many new interesting companies and people that were supporting such a brilliant event. (Birkle, Funki, Solita and others).

👥 The value of people: this event highlights innovation, but in a big relevant part it gives importance to the people. We could find different talks and seminars that highlighted human value like the one called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by Mare Heinluht from Swedbank. Even though she talked from a big company’s perspective, she also gave us advice about how small companies like Fintech Market can follow the path of inclusion and diversity: when there’s a small company that can not focus on all aspects like gender, ethnic, age, disabilities, they can set a priority and make sure that all people are in a safe workplace, and that the company is respectful with their team. In second place are how companies communicate their messages, the responsibility not with our team but with our community, and how we share our content. 

⚙️ Many opportunities arrive with the use of AI and other technological tools that are appearing. That worried and uncertain sense can transform into a big unexplored ocean of opportunities for different industries, especially FinTech. 

🧠 Mental health: like every year, sTARTUp Day gives a special value and space for the mental health. And this year, one of our favorite talks was the one by Sara Zangri, Medea Mind’s CEO and Co-Founder. She explained how our somatic system reacts in response to different stimuli. Our brain receives and sends information to other body organs like the heart, lungs, and stomach. That's why taking care of our mental health it's not just about meditating and sleeping 8 hours, it is about exercising to help our emotions and taking care of our diet to manage our mood. Some studies show that after three months of a great diet, you can see results in your mental health.

🦓🦄 And let’s not forget about the fun activities that were available like the Zebracorn rodeo, the 360 photo booth, the VR driving simulator, and more. 

We would like to send a big thanks to all of the organizers and people that support and keep making this event possible!