Our banking tool offers possibility to configure the processes, products and workflows so that is most suitable for the specific loan business and company, but also tailored actions for individual customers.

Good visuality via process and workflow diagrams
Easy to build with dragging and dropping
Flexible and user-friendly view for configuration
Fast changing processes and settings directly from the application
Versioning, activation and deactivation of workflows
Full history and daily monitoring availability
Wide scale of product pricing configuration possibilities

The main goal for every business is to improve their profitability. Knowing your customers, their history and preferences, serving them appropriately and quickly and keeping their activities up to date is what matters. Banking solution gives you the tools to manage, measure and improve your processes and products.

Configuration options of banking tool are flexible and wide. That includes building customer registration and servicing flows, adding products and pricing to different client groups, creating invoices, determining data fields related to the product or workflow, set rules for actions related to flows and activities - such link sending communication, making invoices and creating tasks for customer service.