Data Collector

Current tool gives opportunity to collect information about the customers and their actions from assorted sources, manage data requesting and decision making flows and keep received  information in safe and compliant way.

Easy to build with dragging and dropping
Process flows are observable in visual diagrams
Easy tracking of used data inquiries and usage
Highly configurable
Workflow versioning, activation and deactivation
Full history and daily monitoring availablity
Significant increase of possibilities while using with Decision Engine

Widely Usable

Our product can be used for all kind of data storing and collection, providing possibility to do decisions based on partners or customers data and habits. In addition to marketing, sales, risk evaluation and debt collection data, these services may come from authoritative sources of information, against which people can be verified.


Data collector is a solution that aggregates all collected data and conforms it to the same structure. Unified data structure allows there user to describe data saving and usage requirements and follow the data protection, gathering, handling and removal, including the obligations that have arisen from General Data Protection Regulation and other related laws and guidelines.