Decision Engine

Our solution allows the user to build any process automating decision models in all steps of the customer and product management life cycle, including among other things pricing and marketing offers or communication and debt collection decisions.

Easy to Use

Our product is user-friendly - the decision models are presented via visual and colourful diagrams,  where adding new rules needs only few clicks with dragging and dropping to a suitable place.  All models can be easily tested within minutes.

Transparent and Trustworthy

All the changes made in the system are saved and versioned. Full history availability makes data and process analysing easy to all related areas. The Decision Engine gives opportunity for higher automation supporting more efficient result analyses, improvement of business processes and avoidance of unintentional mistakes.

Saves Time

Our Decision Engine helps to save time from operational actions, avoids mistakes or  individual preferences and allows the business quickly to improve it's processes.  Automatic process and online decisions save customers time and gives employees possibility to deal with more important tasks.