Data Collector

Data Collector is a tool for collecting information about the customer and their actions from assorted sources, managing data requesting and decision making flows and keeping received  information in safe and compliant way.

Businesses from different sectors work more and more with data they receive from diverse registers, other service providers and cooperative partners, social networks and public databases. Obtaining data about customers and specific databases helps increase sales and avoid bad decisions. Extra data expands business opportunities, but also tightens the conditions for data usage.

Our solution gives possibility via integration of different providers to collect, store, use and manage data for evaluating customers and their behaviour and manage related workflows in accordance with legal requirements.

Widely Usable

Our product provides possibility to do decisions based on partners or customers data and habits being indispensable tool in customer evaluation and risk management. In addition to risk evaluation, the tool can successfully used in marketing, sales and debt collection for data gathering and decisions in all steps of customer's life cycle. Data Collector is a solution that aggregates all collected data and conforms it to the same structure. Unified data structure allows there user to describe data saving and usage requirements and follow the data protection, gathering, handling and removal rules.

Capable to Manage Workflows

Our solution allows to manage workflows by giving possibility to create diagrams for starting the requests following each other and determining results. System is highly configurable allowing to integrate it with other systems and configure without either developments needed flow specific parameters. The flows are visualised using flowchart type diagrams where steps are showed as boxes connected with arrows.