Decision Engine

Our solution allows to build decision making models in various complexity and make any kind of risk decisions in seconds. Moreover, changing and testing the models is simple, well traceable and quick.

Extremely visual - flowchart type diagrams
Easy to build with dragging and dropping
Immediate model testing possibilities
Batch testing and A/B testing
Highly configurable directly from the application
Model versioning, activation, deactivation and freezing of pending works
Full history and daily monitoring availability


Using our product is simple and comfortable - the decision models are visualized via flowcharts,  adding new rules needs only few clicks with dragging and dropping to a suitable place. Decisioning rules can be easily tested within minutes and taking new data into use is equally effortless - it's changeable directly from the application.


Our Decision Engine helps to save time from operational actions, avoids human mistakes and allows the business to quickly analyse and improve the process. Automatic processes allow online decisions and save customers and employees valuable time for higher priority tasks. If for some rare cases the human interaction is still needed, our solution provides the possibility to make pre-checks and record more information or more specific topics for the person making the decision. This accelerates the decision making  process and all agents events are saved for audit.


By creating automatic processes and similar rules for similar situations, you guarantee unified and equal treatment for all comparable cases. Automation also ensures more effective result analyses and improves your business processes quickly. The system also supports keeping full transaction history and stores all previous model versions to ensure proper reports, full transparency and avoidance of unintentional mistakes or individual preferences.