All-In-One Loan Management System

A no-code SaaS software for loan management and risk scoring, featuring CRM, loan origination, and debt management functionalities for financial services.

Who is it for?

FTM Loan management system is designed to be a reliable tool for different business types, the platform's wide range of setup possibilities make it an ideal loan servicing solution for meeting diverse requirements. With advanced loan tracking capabilities, our system supports a wide range of financial services:

Who is it for?

What does FTM's loan management software cover?

Gather customer information and verify identity and creditworthiness.

  • Our Core system simplifies the customer onboarding process by automating customer information verification and identifying potential fraud or credit risks.
  • There are several integrations with third-party services to perform background credit checks.
  • Our modern lending platform can also provide real-time updates to customers on their onboarding status, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.

Evaluate loan applications, assess risk, make lending decisions, and set loan terms as part of the loan origination phase.

  • The Decision Engine can assist in making underwriting decisions by using scoring models and decision scenarios to analyze data and provide insights into the customer’s risk profile, enabling banks to make more informed lending decisions.
  • All the underwriting processes could be automated, which helps reduce errors and processing time.
  • Our system can also provide customizable loan terms based on the customer’s financial profile and risk tolerance, allowing banks to tailor their lending to individual customers.

Our lending solution redefines application processing. Review and verify loan applications to ensure they meet lending criteria.

  • Our Core system automates and streamlines this part of the loan process, including product servicing workflows, templated notifications, and different options for loan disbursements.
  • The system can also provide real-time updates to customers on their application status, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.
  • Intuitive dashboards for client agents to track end-customer journeys, providing visibility of key stages such as application submission, processing, and approval, as well as detailed information on any issues or delays encountered.

Managing customer relations, including loan servicing and customer support are integral to lending operations.

  • Our Core system offers a comprehensive loan servicing and customer support solution by integrating multiple communication providers into a single platform.
  • The system automates the entire loan servicing process, including payment processing and account maintenance. This optimizes efficiency and reduces the need for manual efforts, saving time and resources for financial institutions.
  • Real-time alerts to customer service teams when customers experience issues are provided, enabling the service providers to quickly resolve problems and improve customer satisfaction.

FTM's comprehensive loan servicing platform assists you in taking legal or other actions to recover outstanding debts.

  • FTM lending software monitors loan repayments and detects potential delinquencies, allowing for quick and proactive debt management.
  • Our products use configurable workflows to manage the collections process, including notifications, follow-ups, and negotiations, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Integrations with third-party debt collection agencies and legal services enable seamless handoff of accounts and more severe debt recovery actions.

Take advantage of a growing ecosystem

The all-in-one loan servicing software has an expanding list of third-party integrations that are easily accessible on the platform.

  • Authentication providers
  • Kyc integration providers
  • Brokers
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Communication gateway providers
  • Payment providers
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Take advantage of a growing ecosystem

Fintech Market principles

Our goal is simple - we want to give financial service providers more time to focus on customers, risk, and growth while keeping the costs low.


Extremely Configurable

Tailor the configuration layer to match your regulatory and business requirements, utilizing preset or personalized data fields, defining various customer group values, formats, fees, and interest rates.


Testing without consequences

Configure, test, modify, and repeat until you're ready to launch - all without writing a single line of code. Our intuitive interface is designed for product specialists to effortlessly customize and perfect their product.


Launch new countries conveniently

Centralized control and real-time visibility for opening and managing new branches globally, with configurable options that are not limited by country laws or regulations.