Car leasing software

Create and execute your lease product on the FTM platform by configuring the needed features and requirements.

Car leasing software

FTM car lease software

Our comprehensive SaaS solution provides car lease companies with a flexible and customizable car lease software to manage their operations. With powerful contract management features, pricing and quoting tools, integrated customer relationship management capabilities, and inventory management functionalities, our platform empowers car lease companies to optimize their leasing processes and enhance customer experiences. With advanced reporting and analytics, and a strong focus on compliance and security, we offer a complete solution that drives efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the car leasing industry.

Vehicle management

Organizing and optimizing vehicle operations is crucial for car leasing companies, and the Fintech Market Car Lease software can streamline these processes. This includes features such as fleet tracking, inventory control, document handling, and historical tracking. By leveraging this solution, car leasing companies can oversee and enhance their vehicle operations, ensuring an efficient workflow.

  • Fleet management software: Optimize vehicle control and organization with FTM's Car Leasing software, which offers advanced fleet management features. Incorporate various warehouse types such as parking lots, storage facilities, dealerships, and repair shops, and assign vehicles to each location. Benefit from status updates and detailed history tracking capabilities to monitor and manage your fleet.
  • Inventory control: Maximize vehicle utilization and minimize downtime with inventory management capabilities. Track vehicle availability, maintenance records, and specifications, and schedule lease contracts, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Document and history tracking: Store and manage critical vehicle-related documents, images, identifications, and notes within the platform. Access comprehensive history logs for data additions, including statuses, prices, valuations, mileages, and pledges, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Lease product setup

Set up the lease product life cycle with our comprehensive lease management software. FTM’s leasing software offers effortless customization of installment loan settings, payment schedules, rates, and fees. Tailored offers based on customer score and risk level optimize efficiency, flexibility, and profitability for car leasing companies.

  • Automated lease product management: Simplify your car leasing operations with Fintech Market Car Lease software, which enables customization of loan settings, payment schedules, rates, and fee types, ensuring efficiency in your leasing process. With our user-friendly graphic interface, you can create workflows to automate each step in your lease product life-cycle, streamlining operations and saving time.
  • Flexible payment options: FTM's leasing software integrates with various third-party providers, offering a diverse range of payment options. These options include payment links, online account-to-account (A2A) and point-of-sale (POS) terminal payments, incoming payments, payouts, and access to user insight data. They are designed to cater to individual needs, leading to increased conversion rates and improved customer retention.
  • Risk-based offers: Utilize the risk-based offers in our Car Leasing software that can be tailored to customer scores and risk levels. This approach ensures competitive and personalized lease options while mitigating potential risks. Additionally, product offers can be allocated to specific segments based on desired criteria, allowing for targeted customization.

Risk and communication management

Our platform provides solutions to mitigate risks and ensure compliance. With customizable lease agreement templates, strict data security measures, and automated customer communication, our platform empowers car leasing companies to proactively manage risks while maintaining data privacy and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Customizable lease agreement templates: Tailor lease agreement templates to your specific requirements, allowing for easy generation and digital signing. This ensures standardized and legally compliant lease agreements, minimizing potential risks and streamlining the leasing process.
  • Automated customer communication: Enhance customer engagement and risk management with automated reminders and messages. Keep customers informed about payment due dates, contract renewals, and important updates, improving communication efficiency and reducing the risk of missed payments or contractual issues.
  • Secure storage of customer data: Safely store and manage customers' data, including personal information, contacts, and vehicle details. FTM’s Car Leasing software provides a secure repository for customer data and role-based access controls, facilitating efficient access and retrieval while maintaining confidentiality and data privacy.


Efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) processes are essential for car lease companies to establish trust with customers. Fintech Market Car Lease software offers comprehensive KYC functionalities, including identity verification capabilities, built-in compliance checks, and real-time tracking of leasing activity, empowering car lease companies with risk management and regulatory compliance.

  • Identity verification and compliance checks: With our platform's identity verification capabilities and seamless external integrations, you can check and verify the identity of potential clients while conducting built-in compliance checks, that include sanction list screening and politically exposed person (PEP) checks, enabling you to identify and address potential risks associated with customers, enhancing security and regulatory compliance.
  • Real-time tracking and risk management: Stay informed about leasing activity with our real-time tracking feature. Monitor current and past leases, payment history, and lease end dates, and analyze customer profiles and transaction patterns. FTM’s Car Leasing platform includes risk scoring mechanisms, alerts, and reporting functionalities, empowering you to identify suspicious or high-risk behavior, proactively manage risks, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Audit trail of verification activities: Maintain a detailed audit trail of all customer verification and monitoring activities. This feature provides a transparent record of the KYC process, facilitating compliance audits and regulatory reporting, while ensuring accountability and traceability.

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