Decision Engine

This application allows the creation of various models for simple decision flows or complicated calculations and scoring options.

Decision Engine

Powerful features

Our goal is simple - we want to give financial service providers more time to focus on customers, risk, and growth while keeping the costs low.

Inputs and equations

The solution facilitates the creation of decision-making models through input information and equations, offering flexible field options and smooth integration with existing systems.

  • Customizable data fields: Seamlessly incorporate input data by adding and configuring customizable data fields that match your existing system, including the option to assign descriptive names for simplified formulas.
  • Core system integration: If you're using our Core system, create data fields with corresponding key values, promoting smooth data management and synchronization.
  • Streamlined decision scenarios: Utilize equation functionality similar to Excel functions to efficiently manage and manipulate data, supported by a comprehensive list of available equations, interactive guides, examples, and testing options within our system.
Input dataExcel functionsEquation testing
Inputs and equations

Visual modeling

Simplify the creation and management of decision-making and customer scoring models with our user-friendly credit risk management software.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: Easily change and rearrange elements by dragging and dropping them to needed places, enhancing convenience and flexibility when designing models.
  • Enhanced risk evaluation and application scoring: Utilize decision process steps to design optimal risk evaluation and application scoring tailored to your company's needs.
  • Version control and status indicators: Maintain a clear history of model activations and deactivations, with the ability to designate a model version as a challenger or lock a prepared model. Stay informed with status signs for an easy overview of version states.
ScoringRisk evaluationVersioned changes
Visual modeling


Effortlessly configure your risk model on FTM credit risk management software and verify its performance with our comprehensive testing functionality.

  • Versatile testing capabilities: Utilize the testing tool to ensure the proper functioning of your risk model. Test already active scenario versions manually or via API to validate the results.
  • Batch testing: Enhance decision-making with the batch testing option, that allows to test and analyze a large amount of data with the possibility to compare expected results.
  • Decision strategy comparison: Leverage the Champion Challenger testing to evaluate and identify the best-performing decision strategies. The A/B testing option is there to get the fastest results based on the customer's real behavior.
Model validationChampion challengerA/B testing

Statistics and distribution

Gain comprehensive insights and visualization of your risk model inquiries through our application.

  • Graphical representation: Obtain a clear understanding of inquiries through visually appealing graphs, providing a concise summary.
  • Version-specific and scenario results: Easily access specific version results or general scenario results as required.
  • Detailed information and model comparison: Retrieve in-depth information about each request, including the results summary and distribution of decisions, ratings, and scores used with the model and its versions, including a comparison of alternative models, if the Champion Challenger option is used.
Graphical representationInquiries’ resultsModel outcome
Statistics and distribution

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