Our Products

All of our products are already connected with each other and can be used as a whole solution for providing financial services. Or you can use only some applications - most of the products are available also separately and can be integrated with other systems via API (JSON).


The tool consists of CRM and configuration layer. The configuration part is meant for creating and managing customer servicing and lending processes, products, and workflows. The CRM part allows to serve customers, open accounts and create applications, send communication and make payments. The Banking solution works together with other applications (see below).

Decision Engine

This application allows creating various models for simple decision flows or complicated calculations and scoring options, building decision-making rules, and testing those models or their alternatives either during real-life flows simultaneously or in the background. The solution is configurable allowing to define the input data, equations, and results by the user.


This application is for unifying the external integrations. That enables to make requests to different data providers so that results are saved in a similar way greatly simplifying the work of those who deal with these data.

Banning Policies

This application is meant for gathering and unifying data from different sources to detect people belonging to high-risk groups. The solution enables you to keep track of banning rules and profiles, integrate different sanction lists, risk management, or PEP-registers, and create in addition custom lists of profiles that need attention.

Supportive Applications

The supportive applications are more technical in nature and take care of harmonizing different requests made with different providers. That includes communication providers, payment providers, the providers offering authentication and signing services, and those that are meant for collecting information for side services like risk management or KYC.