Deposit software

Optimize your deposit process using Fintech Market's secure and customizable SaaS platform for seamless efficiency.

Deposit software

FTM deposit software

Deposit software on the FTM platform empowers financial institutions to offer personalized products to their clients. With a focus on customizability, fast integration, compliance, and security, our solution enables clients to configure terms, interest rates, and account features to meet their unique needs. Gain valuable insights and track performance with our reporting and analytics tools, empowering you to deliver exceptional and personalized financial services.

Customizable product

FTM deposit management software includes deposit management tools such as account creation, flexible product configuration, and automated interest calculations.

  • Flexible product: Configure terms and conditions for different deposit types, customize options based on specific customer needs and adjust conditions to optimize fund utilization, including options to increase the deposit amount or use it while maintaining minimum balance requirements.
  • Personalized interest rates: Provide personalized interest rates to customers, customize payment schedules to align with their preferences and financial goals, and tailor account features to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Brand-aligned solutions: Set brand-aligned deposit offers that match your organization's identity and values, create deposit products that can be tailored to specific customer segments or niches, and deliver a personalized customer experience through customized solutions.

Analytics and reporting

Similarly to FTM loan management software, our deposit solution includes features for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing accounts, encompassing detailed reporting, personalized statements, and analytics while maintaining secure storage of customer data.

  • Real-time balance monitoring: Track account balances in real-time to stay updated on account status and financial health. Customer behavior tracking, identification of trends in account activity and analytics help gain insights for data-driven decisions, optimization of account strategies, and a deeper understanding of patterns and preferences.
  • Account performance reports: Generate reports and statements, including transaction reports for analysis and record-keeping of account activity, customer statements, and regulatory compliance reports that showcase adherence to industry standards and facilitate compliance.
  • Interest-earned tracking: Interest-earned tracking gives information about the growth and profitability of deposit funds, and the account performance analysis evaluates the effectiveness and identifies areas for improvement.

Payments and communication

FTM's deposit software enables secure digital payments, enhances customer engagement through automated notifications, and provides a wide range of integration options for efficient deposit management.

  • Digital payment solutions: Digital payments can be made with options like mobile money transfers and online payment gateways to streamline the deposit process, reduce administrative burden, and enhance customer satisfaction through secure and efficient payment methods.
  • Automated communications: Send automated messages via SMS, push notifications, or emails, providing timely notifications and improving communication efficiency, especially for contract renewals, to keep depositors informed and engaged.
  • Third-party integrations: A comprehensive list of third-party integrations is available on the platform, including services for communications, payments, and digital signing, with the list of integrations continuously expanding to offer an ever-growing suite of options.

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