On the first of December we participated in the European Financial Congress. For the second time this year, we visited Warsaw to participate in a local finance event. As a result of this opportunity, we learned about the latest regulations on the consumer finance market in Poland. We also learned about how technology can help companies overcome future challenges.

"It is clear that the Polish market is changing rapidly. Having the opportunity to hear from industry professionals about how regulatory changes will affect the market and what lenders must do to survive was fascinating. The common theme that came out was that the ability to adapt would play an essential role in determining which companies would thrive during the changes and which would not." Said Daaniel Ipsberg, FTM's Business Developer.

Although we have closed our event calendar for this year, we are already looking forward to the exciting events we will be attending in 2023. We are ready to attend fintech, lending, or other finance events during the next year. Do you have any recommendations around Europe or LatAm?

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