If you are an eCommerce shop owner you can relate with the fact that there are still some challenges to overcome, like abandoned shopping carts, client retention, conversion rate, among others. Statistics show that with the implementation of a short-term financing option like Buy Now, Pay Later, abandoned shopping carts are 35% lower, conversion rate is 30% higher, customer’s loyalty also increases, to name some of their benefits.

If you want to make your product more affordable without having to lower the price, BNPL is the solution that you’re looking for: this short-term financing service gives your customers flexibility and convenience to access your product. Merchants' sales conversion has proven to increase by at least 40% using BNPL solutions. 

With Fintech Market you can have those benefits by building your own BNPL system for your eCommerce platform. This solution eliminates the need for an external BNPL provider, instead you provide that benefit yourself, with the help of our SaaS platform.

In addition to the multiple benefits that we have mentioned here and in a previous article, these point of sale installment loans bring to your business, your eCommerce receives the interest of every purchase. Get in touch to know more about how to integrate Buy Now, Pay Later on your eCommerce: Contact Us