Every financial services provider needs supporting software to mitigate risk in credit processes and restrict access by people on problematic lists. But how can you be sure that someone on the list cannot take out a loan? 🔎💶

To this end, Fintech Market platform has a "Banning" application that collects all risk-sensitive data and tracks down people who belong to high-risk groups. Several data providers and databases hold different lists for similar reasons - to support and ensure compliance and KYC activities for financial institutions and other companies. Some of these kinds of services are integrated with our Banning application. If the needed provider is not yet integrated, we are happy to negotiate regarding desired development.

The app helps you comply with money laundering and terrorist financing requirements, along with the possibility of integrating and maintaining lists of data needed to reduce risks - such as fraud, insolvency, and incapacity registers.

Banning is integrated with our main "Banking" solution, but it can be used separately or with other external systems. If you want to know more about Banning and our other applications, visit: https://fintech-market.com/products