In a recent interview, Madis-Siim Rull, one of the co-founders of Fintech Market (FTM), shed light on their journey and what drew them to this potential business opportunity. His involvement with FTM began during a previous job where they collaborated with their future co-founders on a similar internal system. When Siim-Erik presented the idea of building a SaaS lending platform, Madis was instantly captivated by the collective expertise and experience of the team, recognizing the immense potential for success.

Starting a new business comes with its own set of challenges, and he had their fair share of worries. One of the biggest concerns was whether FTM would be able to secure its first client and whether people would be willing to pay for their new product. However, their worries were swiftly alleviated when FTM signed its first client just six months after the company's birth. This early success not only boosted their confidence but also reaffirmed the market demand for FTM's lending software.

FTM's growth has been fueled by successful partnerships and integrations. Madis believes that successful partnerships are built on joint efforts to grow bigger and better together. They have fostered fruitful relationships with esteemed partners such as Infobip, Messente, Trustly, and others who provide valuable integrations on FTM's platform. “These partnerships have been productive and mutually beneficial, especially for businesses seeking to expand into new countries. FTM actively engages with partners and clients, seeking their input and discussing how new ideas and features can enhance their business operations.” Said Madis.

Throughout the journey, he faced and overcame various challenges. One significant challenge was reading and comprehending lengthy legal contracts as part of their role in handling partnership deals. Their expertise in identifying legal constraints and effectively communicating possibilities to partners has streamlined the contract process and facilitated smoother collaborations. His personal and professional growth within FTM has been remarkable, expanding their legal knowledge and honing their skills in integrating diverse APIs. They have developed a keen eye for identifying patterns and best practices, ensuring smooth payment processing, communication, and customer data requests.

What sets FTM apart from its competitors, according to Madis, is the exceptional relationship they have nurtured with their clients. He said: “I think that with the clients that we currently have, we have built a very good and trusting relationship with them. We support, give our expertise and suggestions on how they could improve their business. We constantly keep in touch with them to understand where their business plans are headed and how we can support them. So I would say that we have a very close relationship with them.”

In conclusion, Madis's journey with FTM showcases the power of collaboration, perseverance, and customer-centricity. Through their vision and dedication, FTM has emerged as a leading SaaS lending software, differentiating itself through successful partnerships, overcoming challenges, and a close relationship with clients. With a focus on growth, innovation, and personalized solutions, FTM is well-positioned for further success in the competitive fintech market.

About Fintech Market

Fintech Market (FTM) operates in the lending software market, offering a comprehensive SaaS-based loan management system for financial service providers. It includes essential features such as CRM, KYC, risk decision engine, and debt management for loans, deposits, current accounts, and investments. With tailored solutions to optimize their operations, FTM serves neobanks, SMEs, car leasing companies, and buy-now-pay-later companies in the EU, Mexico, and Indonesia.