Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables companies to operate in a more efficient environment thanks to rapid development, and other benefits that we would like to highlight using the example of one of our largest customers, Danabijak. The Indonesian 🇮🇩 company is an online financial services provider with more than 50,000 users that offers socially responsible services ranging from micro-loans with a single payment to larger installment loans.

Reinis Simanovskis, Danabijak's co-founder, shared his thoughts about our products, "With Fintech Market, we can have a world-class credit CRM without employing an army of developers. We see that we can pass the ability to make immediate fixes and frequent test implementations directly to our business users."

In today's world of technology, it is important to constantly adapt to the market's needs to remain competitive and stand out from other companies. That's why time plays a crucial role in developing our banking solutions, as Reinis said: "After starting to use the FTM platform, we have seen a lot of development timelines shrink from months to weeks or even days. That means we are developing and tackling projects faster to deliver a marginal improvement with a shorter time."

He also pointed out the importance of getting teams into a low-code environment where you do not necessarily have to develop your own credit management system, but can get a better one from a team of specialists so that companies can operate more efficiently and keep up with the market conditions. An additional benefit Danabijak receives from using the Fintech Market platform is the flexible testing functionalities, as the setup can be done in just a week, and the business analysts can handle everything. "Thanks to the excellent analytics database, the analysis of the results can be easily monitored. This is just one example of the many different tests we frequently set up in the system," added Reinis. 

"Danabijak was one of our first customers and the first in the Asian market. They are using all our applications, so their feedback has been very valuable for the development and continuous improvement of our products," said Siim-Erik Paju, Fintech Market's CEO.

The online company is changing the way Indonesians search for financial opportunities by offering users the chance to learn good financial behavior and expand their credit options through education, gamification, and a risk-based fee structure. We are pleased to contribute to this process, and we look forward to growing the list of countries around the world that use our fintech solutions.