Our representatives recently joined industry leaders at the prestigious FTT Lending 3.0 summit in London, UK, hosted by Fintech Talents. This key gathering for the lending space brought together over 200 decision-makers, with a significant presence from C-suite executives. A diverse range of attendees participated, including experts from established financial institutions, innovative fintech companies, software providers, and venture capital funds.

The summit's presentations tackled critical issues facing the lending industry through a series of insightful panels. Several panels sparked particular interest for Fintech Market:

  • "Automatic for the People - Faster, Accurate, and More Efficient Credit Decisions": This panel discussed the increasing role of automation in streamlining the loan application process, aiming for faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and a more efficient experience for borrowers. You can find more information about the rise of automation in credit decisioning from Nanonets article about automated credit decisioning.
  • "New Horizons, New Risks: The Evolving Financial Crime Landscape": This panel addressed the ever-changing threat landscape within the financial services industry. Discussions likely focused on emerging fraud techniques and how lenders can adapt their security measures to stay ahead of evolving risks. Learn more about financial crime trends on the The trends defining the financial crime landscape in 2023 and how to respond.
  • "Roundtable: AI - Leading the Way to the Future of Lending": This roundtable discussion likely explored the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the lending industry. Topics likely included AI-powered credit scoring, fraud detection, and personalized loan recommendations. Dive deeper into how embedded finance and AI impact the lending sector.

Beyond the informative presentations, Fintech Market's representatives, Siim-Erik and Daaniel, actively participated in numerous meetings and networking sessions. These interactions fostered connections with potential clients, partners, and valuable business contacts.

Daaniel, Fintech Market's business developer, shared his experience: "I had high expectations for this event, considering it was billed as one of the UK's biggest lending conferences. Those expectations were definitely exceeded. We had the opportunity to connect and discuss our lending software with many top-level industry players. While the new connections were valuable, the most significant takeaway for us was gaining direct insights into the UK credit market. This information will undoubtedly influence our future strategic decisions."

By participating in FTT Lending 3.0, Fintech Market not only made its mark on the lending industry but also gained valuable knowledge and connections that will fuel future growth and innovation.