In the current world of Fintech, time and budget are limited, and companies are always looking to improve their processes to manage these two variables. We have available external integration providers on our platform to give essential and needed connections for financial institutions and other companies with a quick setup.

Thanks to advanced automation, these integrations help to eliminate manual work, boosting productivity and reducing errors. Information and data transfer are sent automatically from one application to another. Also, they allow you to monitor data thanks to end-to-end visibility of all systems and processes.

“Having your integration in our marketplace gives you exposure with our customers because they can see what integrations we have available, and they are likely to start using them. Also, on our platform, adding or changing partners is very simplified, and companies can compare and shift their partner to a more reliable or cheaper one,” said Madis-Siim Rull, Integrations Manager.

Our integrations include tools for many companies' needs and have the possibility to develop new features using different APIs. Integrations allow businesses to grow since they do not need to create everything from scratch, allowing companies to implement them in just a few clicks, “our customers configure the integration credentials and then just configure when and where to use it.” added Madis.   

Our list of partners includes external data providers in different categories: credit bureaus, communication partners, payment gateways, anti-fraud, and identity verification. We keep working on our marketplace to provide high-quality integrations on our platform. If you want to become a partner and have your integrations available in our system or know our list of current partners, visit our site and get in touch with us: