Are you a fintech startup ready to take your business to new heights? We have been preparing something for you! Fintech Market is thrilled to unveil Catapult, our accelerator program designed to propel startups toward success in the financial technology landscape.

With Catapult, we provide you with a powerful platform that streamlines your business execution, saving you time and valuable resources. No more hassle or additional development costs:

  • Build, test, and launch your own financial service products using our platform, without the need for additional development resources.
  • Gain access to seed and series A funding from our investors to fuel your company’s growth and achieve your goals with unlimited possibilities.
  • Leverage our network of experts in product development, regulatory compliance, banking, and infrastructure to drive your business forward.

Are you wondering if Catapult covers your industry? The program was designed to cover a wide range of fintech sectors, including neobanks, personal and SME loans, car rental and lease, purchase financing, insurance, factoring, and more. No matter your niche, Catapult provides the tools and expertise to impulse your growth.

What about geographical limitations? None! Catapult's reach extends across the globe, with countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, India, Latvia, South Africa, and more ready to embrace your fintech innovation. 🌍

And let's not forget the integrations! Catapult offers seamless access to over 100 external integrations, from credit bureaus to crowdfunding platforms. Take advantage of our extensive network and kickstart your business operations immediately. 🔗

For Investors: with Catapult, you invest in the business, not just the tech. Our smart investment strategy ensures effective management of your money, minimizing financial risk. By supporting startups, your investment contributes to their growth and success. Join us at Catapult and experience the power of investing in both business and technology. 💡

So, are you ready to launch into the fintech stratosphere? Join us at Fintech Market and let Catapult help you in the process. Success is just a click away, contact us to learn more about our new product.

About Fintech Market

Fintech Market (FTM) offers an all-in-one lending management system for financial service institutions. The platform covers loans, deposits, current accounts, and investments, while also incorporating functionalities such as CRM, KYC, risk mitigation, and debt management. FTM's solutions are available for neobanks, SME loan providers, car leasing enterprises, and buy-now-pay-later providers across the European Union (EU), Mexico, and Indonesia, providing customized solutions to enhance their performance within the lending software market.