We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Daniel Cor, a highly experienced former Executive Director of the Risk Division in the banking industry in Romania. With a focus on assisting traditional financial institutions in digitalizing and automating their processes, Daniel Cor is the perfect fit for the Fintech Market’s goal of empowering lending companies and banks with a modern no-code solution that significantly improves their lending processes and enhancing risk management practices.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in banking, credit analysis, and risk management, Daniel Cor brings valuable insights and strategic vision to our partnership. His remarkable achievements include successfully leading the Risk Division at EximBank, where he played a pivotal role in the bank’s restructuring process. Under his guidance, the portfolio of exposures grew sevenfold over eight years, reaching an impressive 10 billion lei/2 billion EUR.

After accumulating years of invaluable banking experience in Romania, Cor has shifted his focus towards consulting local financial institutions on digitalization. Given this strategic shift, collaborating with Fintech Market becomes a perfect synergy as we aim to target the Southeastern European markets with our innovative solutions. We welcome Daniel Cor to the Fintech Market team and look forward to a strong and successful partnership that will bring mutual growth and prosperity.

About Fintech Market

Fintech Market (FTM) provides a SaaS-based lending management system for financial service providers. CRM, KYC, risk management, and debt management are essential features of the platform, which covers loans, deposits, current accounts, and investments. With its tailored solutions, the company protects the interests of neobanks, small and medium-sized lenders, car leasing companies, and buy-now-pay-later companies across the EU, Mexico, and Indonesia.