For many of our team members, this experience was their first introduction to this enormous startup community. We were delighted to show our platform, meet other companies, and network with visitors and investors.

sTARTUp Day isn't just a business event. The event is more about personal stories and people's values with a bigger goal to show what it takes to build strong companies: "It was an inspiring experience. It was truly amazing to meet so many creative and dedicated people, listen to their success stories, and form new connections. I'm recharged with creative ideas to implement with FTM's team and keep growing our company step by step." Ingrid Fletcher - Digital Marketing Specialist Fintech Market.

💡 What we want to highlight about these days:

✔️Mental health needs to be a priority in companies' agenda. Mazin Gadir PhD MSc BEng PMP Prosci LSSGB EBAS Agile.

✔️Talent is everywhere, remote work opens growth opportunities for employees and employers. Lona Alia - Head of Revenue SafetyWing.

✔️Marketing is an ever-evolving process, every day brings a new challenge. Especially in the Fintech industry. Anna Pettri - Marketing Manager Boku.

✔️You don’t need to be an expert to succeed in a company, everything can be learned if you are eager to do it. Kristel Leif - CEO Solaride.

✔️ Build strong relationships in your companies, trust is the key.

✔️Taking your company’s tote bag to the parties is a really good idea, even at night you keep making connections.

✔️Free ice cream (Swedbank))🍦and free coffee ☕️ (Glia) gave us energy for networking.