There are plenty of benefits of using SaaS. Our modular No-Code platform covers the entire product range, from installment loans to credit cards. In addition to different loan products, the platform provides all the CRM functionalities from marketing to debt collection.

Here we share ten reasons to build your fintech business with us:

1. Saves time: With our SaaS solution, your company can save time because the software is already installed and configured, so you don't need to spend additional time in the deployment process.

2. Saves money: Instead of spending a lot of money in the development process or expanding your business, SaaS allows you to cut costs and focus on strategies to grow your company.

3. Expanding new markets: Expanding into new markets is more effortless than ever since most of the validations and settings can be easily duplicated with needed changes.

4. Customer support: Our customer support is available for our clients to give quick answers and solve emerging problems efficiently.

5. Flexibility and testing: Our universal solution has limitless opportunities for configuring settings according to specific business needs, with the possibility to test changes with just a few clicks.

6. Integrations: We have a growing list of integration providers already implemented on the platform. Our clients can integrate them quickly and securely, without extra costs.

7. Perfect for startups: Rapid prototyping helps get the business up and running quickly so you can focus on generating customers instead of development.

8. Data protection and security: Our team is always working on our platform to have the most up-to-date security and keep your data safe.

9. Market trends: Since we have clients all over the world we are always on top of the trends in the industry, giving you the chance to always be up to date with the market.

10. Fast upgrades: The updates of software are constant, automatic, and invisible, which means that your company is always working with the latest solutions.