The Banking & Fintech industry has been facing a unique set of challenges lately - security worries, increased competition, and a rise in demand for modernized A2P SMS services for payments, 2FA, account summaries, and anti-fraud warnings. As a response, Fintech Market and BSG have joined forces to offer users a secure and easy way to communicate with their customers through SMS.

BSG provides messaging services, authentication, and verification tools with the highest security standards. It has global coverage and 40+ direct connections with operators. Now our users can keep in touch with their clients effortlessly and cost-effectively, with speedy message delivery and maximum protection guaranteed.

Their solution for enterprises includes:

  • Efficiently targeted SMS campaigns.
  • Bunch of useful value-adding tools.
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard.
  • Omnichannel account features.
  • Versatile and fast SMS API.

Stay tuned for news about this partnership 🤝 and the ones to come in the near future. You can check our current list of partners here:

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