We are attending a new event. This time our team members Piret Tiks, Daaniel Ipsberg, and our Romanian affiliate, Daniel Cor, are going to the Unchain Fintech Festival in Oradea, Romania, from June 29 to 30. It is our very first time participating in an event in this region, and we can not wait to explore the vibrant financial landscape in Romania.

Unchain Fintech Festival is the perfect platform where the financial and technological ecosystems converge, paving the way for innovative advancements in those industries. During the event, our team is looking forward to connecting with a diverse range of industry professionals, including financial institutions, technology providers, fintech innovators, and ecosystem players. We believe that by engaging with these key stakeholders, we can foster meaningful partnerships and create synergies that will drive the growth and evolution of our fintech solutions.

The recent growth of the fintech ecosystem in the world has also been impacting the Balkan countries. Making a global comparison The Balkan’s fintech market is relatively small. During 2019 only 8% of the Western Balkan national population used online banking services, compared to 58% in the EU. But the landscape for the region looks promising, especially in categories like payments and cryptocurrency that have the most companies in the Western Balkan region.

If you are attending the event, we would love to meet you! Feel free to reach out to Piret, Daaniel, or Daniel Cor to schedule a meeting or simply connect over a coffee. Stay tuned for updates from our team as they immerse themselves in this first participation at Unchain Fintech Festival. We look forward to meeting with relevant players in the Romanian fintech ecosystem like tbi bank, Alpha Bank, Finshape, Evrotrust, Romanian Fintech Association and more.

About Fintech Market

Fintech Market (FTM) provides financial service providers with an integrated SaaS-based lending management system.CRM, KYC, risk management, and debt management are essential features of the platform, which covers loans, deposits, current accounts, and investments. The company provides tailored solutions to optimize the operations of neobanks, SME lenders, car leasing companies, and buy-now-pay-later providers in the EU, Mexico, and Indonesia.