Connect Application

Connect Application

This application is used for unifying the external integrations that enables to make requests to different data providers so that results are saved with a similar structure.

Connect Application


Businesses from different sectors work more and more with data they receive from diverse registers, other service providers and cooperative partners, social networks, and public databases. Obtaining data about customers and specific databases helps increase sales and avoid unreasonable decisions. Extra data expands business opportunities but also tightens the conditions for data usage. Our solution gives the possibility via integration of different providers to collect, store and use data for evaluating customers and their behavior in accordance with legal requirements.

Our product can be used for integrations meant for all kinds of data collection from external service providers, allowing you to make decisions based on partners' or customers' data and habits. That may include marketing, sales, risk evaluation, and debt collection data. Connect is a solution that aggregates all collected data and conforms it to the same structure. The unified data structure allows there used to describe data saving and usage requirements and follow the data protection, gathering, handling, and removal, including the obligations that have arisen from GeneralData Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other related laws and guidelines.

Constantly Expanding

Our existing integrations list includes various external data providers offering distinctive information from different spheres and regions. Existing integrations are covered with service documentation and instructions for turning them on. We are also adding new integrations constantly to the system. Once the integration is available, it takes almost no time to take it into use.

Easy Implementation and Usage

In order to start using integration in our system, you just need to have an agreement and credentials from the respective service provider. Full results made with inquiries are available in the system, but you can pick with easy configuration only the data that is important to you in the scope and format needed for achieving your goals. The possibilities for retrieving needed values from inquiry results are almost unlimited, and you do not need any coding or deploys for that. Also, all the changes made in the system are saved and visible to users, therefore the application is equally pleasant to use for analytics and managers.

Do you want to explore all features?

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