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Credit-decisioning based on AI, and real-time data

Finexos combines advanced AI, behavioural analytics and real-time data to reduce risk, costs and default rates. Its state-of-the-art machine learning platform automates and enhances the credit-decisioning process to significantly improve outcomes. The solution enables lenders to provide safer credit to a broader customer base, can reduce companies' default rates by up to 72% and is designed to reduce costs at every stage of the lending cycle.

The integrated platform can help any lender provide a real-time view of a borrower’s financial situation and their ability and likelihood to repay. Based on a borrower’s behaviour, it goes beyond simple affordability assessment. The next-gen tech utilises either live data sources and/or historical transaction data when live data sources are not available to deliver significantly more accurate results.

No PII is required or accepted, removing bias, and the platform can be rapidly integrated through APIs. Finexos not only delivers real-time-data credit decisioning at the point of origination. It enables affordability and vulnerability monitoring throughout the life of a loan, with early detection of financial distress and higher risk of default. Finexos also offers all Fintech Market clients a highly accurate complimentary Loan Book Vulnerability Assessment (LBVA) of their existing loan books.