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Iuvo Group

Peer-to-peer investment platform


Iuvo Group is a prominent player in the peer-to-peer (P2P) landscape, serving as a trusted marketplace between investors and loan originators. Renowned for its commitment to superior investor experiences, Iuvo Group has positioned itself as a premier P2P investing platform. The company's pillars of trust, simplicity, choice, and security create an environment conducive to successful investing and sustainable profitability.

Diverse Credit Portfolio

Iuvo Group boasts an extensive credit portfolio, meticulously curated through partnerships with reputable loan originators. These originators are based in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Spain, Latvia, and North Macedonia. This geographical diversity not only adds resilience to the portfolio but also offers investors exposure to various economic landscapes.

Accelerated Growth and Global Presence

Since its platform's inception, Iuvo Group has achieved remarkable growth, maintaining an impressive average monthly investment growth rate of 34%. This statistic solidifies the company's position among the fastest-growing P2P marketplaces. Moreover, Iuvo Group has successfully attracted investors from over 100 countries, underlining its truly international reach.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Iuvo Group prioritizes accessibility, enabling individuals to invest with a minimal entry requirement of just €10 on its primary market. This low barrier empowers investors from diverse financial backgrounds to participate actively. The company's dedication to choice is further exemplified through its offering of progressive investing opportunities, allowing investors to tailor strategies according to their preferences and goals.

Transparent Fee Structure

Setting itself apart, Iuvo Group features a transparent fee structure. Investors on the primary market enjoy fee-free investing, maximizing their potential returns. A nominal 1% fee applies only to the secondary market for selling investments. This fee structure underscores the company's commitment to enhancing customer experiences while fostering trust.

Savings product

Iuvo understands the need for more simplicity and less time and effort spent on investing. The easy-to-use product iuvoSAVE changes the market landscape by providing an opportunity to generate passive income from your savings. With just a few clicks, investors get fixed annual returns and fixed maturity for more predictability and better financial planning. The flexible product allows easy top-up by keeping the same end date, and an early withdrawal for a 1% fee of the withdrawn amount.