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KPMG Law Estonia

Legal solutions and business advisory services

The core strength of KPMG Law is our tailored legal solutions combined with audit, tax and business consulting on a global level.   Our versatile legal services offer practical, creative and goal-orientated solutions. We provide comprehensive legal advice to a diverse range of clients in the financial sector. Thanks to our team’s previous long-term experience in the banking and financial sector and efficient cooperation with the Financial Supervision Authority, we have a good understanding of the activities and business of entities in the financial sector. Therefore, we can offer our clients added value not only in strictly legal issues, but also in matters related to prudential requirements, reporting and business plans.

KPMG Law is also highly experienced in dealing with complex corporate and business issues. We can provide guidance on designing governance structures, ensuring compliance with business law, and identifying areas for process improvement. We serve a diverse range of clients in the field of mergers and acquisitions, including investors seeking new opportunities, entrepreneurs with expansion plans, and those planning to exit or restructure their business. Our team of experts offers guidance and support at every stage, including strategic planning, financial and tax due diligence, negotiating deal terms, and closing the transaction. For transactions with international components, we leverage the expertise of KPMG;s international legal experts from our network to provide our clients with the necessary guidance and support.

When providing advice, we use the full potential of KPMG as a network specialising in business consultation. We consult with sworn auditors and accounting specialists, tax and financial advisors in order to ensure that questions are answered in a comprehensive manner, fully taking into consideration the client’s business interests. 

Due to the partnership with the KPMG network, we also have the experience and professional knowledge of Europe, USA, Asia and other KPMG international teams. Our experienced project managers help to manage processes through a single point of contact, reducing the resource and time consumption of all parties involved. At KPMG, we offer a single team approach to ensure that all issues identified are assessed from a legal, taxation and financial perspective.