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SMS API platform

Messente enables businesses across the world to reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone. We help companies make the most of SMS messaging in different markets with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. Our team of connectivity experts and account managers will do the heavy lifting while our clients can focus on growing their business using Messente’s full suite of high-performance APIs and tools.

Messente is trusted by FinTechs, logistics companies, CRM providers, e-commerce, and many other companies with their business-critical messaging needs, including transactional notifications, user authentication, and SMS marketing.

Our focus is on the highest possible quality for both delivery and customer service. Messente’s team shares the mindset of going the extra mile, which is why our very first customers are still with us today. With the help of Messente’s account managers, you can rest assured that all the necessary regulations are met and messages delivered.