Payment Gateway Application

Payment Gateway Application

This application unifies different payment methods and communicates the payments between the providers and the Core system. That simplifies the configuration of various payment providers and managing the payment process by users.

Payment Gateway Application


Payment Gateway supports integrations with cards, direct debits, bank transfers, and different other payment providers directly via API or made with payment files. Made and received payments either within the Payment Gateway integrations or manually, are managed in the Core system, including payment binding rules and overpayment management.

The payment events in the system are logged to keep track of what has happened. All the payment information is available in the Core system, but in addition, the gateway holds logs of each request that the gateway does, its respective responses, and callbacks for a certain time for evaluation if needed.

Depending on the payment provider, some additional features, like payment subscriptions for direct debits or payment confirmation notifications, are also supported.

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