This is the major part of the platform that includes CRM together with configuration and management tools. The application allows you to build customer journeys and tailor them according to your specifics and business flows, as well as configure your products for various lending and investment activities.

The tool is meant for creating and managing customer servicing and lending processes, products, and workflows. The Banking application allows you to build customer journeys and tailor them to your needs and business flows, collect information about customers and their actions. It is like playing with a lego - you have all small pieces to build bigger parts and put them together. This way you can build almost whatever you want - provided you have the pieces, your own imagination is the only limitation.

In addition, to the possibility to set up data fields with needed values and processes, the solution enables configuring loan products, including the option to create different validations, constraints, limits, and pricing logic, for serving customers with different backgrounds and risk levels.

The configuration layer is wide and allows customization depending on regulatory and business needs. In the application any business process can be described by creating a respective flow for customer registration, loan applying, and issuing, contract changing or termination, sending customer communication, debt management, and collection. In addition, the solution allows managers to control customer servicing and debt handling workflows, like contacting the customer, applying a fee, or any other action required.

CRM containing management of customers, applications, contracts, and payments
Possibility to use data fields and set validations according to specific country or region, and customize them according to your approach and business requirements
Creation of various actions and data blocks, building customer journeys and customer administration workflows from them
Configuration of different tasks to service personnel, manage and monitor these tasks
Adding and managing communication and content templates
Easy configuration for usual business flows, but also support to difficult and complex processes
Full history and daily monitoring availability

Banking is essentially related to other applications that support risk management, collection of data from external sources, and integrating external services.