It is no secret that the financial industry is constantly evolving, and the loan market in Poland is no exception. Let us explore what to expect for financial services in 2023 as we attend the Lending Congress in Poland. From new regulations to BNPL, read on to find out what this congress is about and why we are going.

First of all, the event is taking place on January 31st in Warsaw, and it is organized by the Lendtech Foundation and the Polish Association of Loan Institutions. During the day, different experts in the lending field, analysts, and lawyers will discuss what the loan industry is going through, predictions for this year, how society will react to the imposed restrictions on the functioning of the loan industry, and more.

Daaniel Ipsberg and Anna Flis will represent our company at the event. Daaniel shared why it is important to attend such events: “By attending events like the Loan Congress in Poland, we stay on top of industry trends and developments. Moreover, it gives us a chance to network with professionals and gain a better understanding of the market.”

During the congress, there will be different areas of discussion, such as:

  • The shape of the market with a new limit - is this the end of promotions like “first loan for free”?
  • Credit cards in the lending industry.
  • KNF supervision in practice.
  • New rules for pursuing debts from consumer credit.
  • BNPL, deferred payments, and legislative changes.
  • The new reality of the debt industry – how can the recent regulations change its functioning?

We are already looking forward to attending and starting our event participation this year. Please don’t hesitate to recommend us a lending event that we should not miss this year.

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