Supportive Applications

The supportive applications are meant for managing different service providers' inquiries and unifying the results received from them. That includes communication providers, payment gateways, authentication and signing services, and those that are meant for collecting information for side services like risk management or KYC.

The main role of supportive applications is to supplement the main system and work together with it. For instance, Banking as the main application includes the option to send customer communication and defining communications templates for that. The supportive application Communication Gateway takes care of communication service provider management, blocking outgoing messages, and keeping track of sent messages.

Connect application and Banning Policies can be used together with the main system or separately, Communication Gateway, Authy, and Payment Gateway are mainly meant for using together with Banking and Decision Engine as a full solution.


The application is meant for unifying the external integrations. The purpose of this application is to provide a systematic approach for making inquiries to the external partners and structuring the results.

Banning Policies

This application enables gathering data from different sources and meet compliance requirements that include detecting people belonging to high-risk groups either via sanction lists integration,  PEP-registers, or by creating the custom lists of profiles that need additional attention internally.

Communication Gateway

Communication Gateway takes care of communication service provider management, blocking outgoing messages if needed, and keeping track of sent messages. The configuration layer allows including several communication providers for using simultaneously or alternatively and switch them quickly in case of need. The application works together with the main system, Banking, where it is possible to configure the communication templates and set sending conditions and rules like sender email addresses and allowed times for message sending. The communication sending steps and statuses are tracked and available to users, detailed logs can be saved and analyzed.

Payment Gateway

This application interprets the different payment methods and unifies them. That makes it easy for users to set up different payment providers and manage the payment process. The application communicates the payments between the providers and the main system.

Payment Gateway supports integrations with cards and different payment providers directly via API or made with payment files. Made and received payments either made within the Payment Gateway integrations or manually, are managed in the main system, including payment binding rules and overpayment management.


Authy application is meant for supplementing the Banking tool functionalities for configuring and managing service providers offering authentification and digital signing services like Estonian ID-card and Mobile ID solution.